Applied Cognitive Neuroscience: ACN

"Not only is Prof Vince Walsh a world-leading researcher, he also has a fundamental understanding of how neuroscience can be applied to drive and support high performance.  Vince’s expertise is an enormous asset to the GSK Human Performance Lab." Dr Ken van Someren, Head of R&D, GSK Human Performance Lab.Read about

"Professor Vince Walsh provides an invaluable insight into the field of transcranial magnetic stimulation. Trusted and respected as a key opinion leader in the field, Magstim are delighted to  collaborate with Vince."  Robin Davies, MD, The Magstim Company  Read about Magstim

"Vince's contributions have been key to delivering the public engagement goals of the on-going collaboration between the British Library and UCL Neuroscience. He has brought scientific expertise and an open mind to develop truly collaborative experiences that combine performance, art and philosophy, with current research conundrums in neuroscience. Public feedback from these events have confirmed we have achieved our own goals: to inform, to entertain, and to inspire."   Allan Sudlow, British Library  Research & Engagement Lead  Read about the British Library

"The EiS is fortunate to have Vince as a special advisor, ready and able to push in new directions." Scott Drawer, Dep. Dir. Performance Solutions, English Institute of Sport  Read about the EiS

"Vince Walsh really understands how to make the lab relate to the real world.  Neuroscience is right up there amongst the most intimidating scientific disciplines for non-experts to deal with, but he makes it accessible and above all, relevant to practical situations."  Roy Headey, Head of Sports Science, RFU  Read about the RFU

"Vince understands the needs of elite coaches and can communicate otherwise inaccessible science" David Mellor, Coaching Development Manager, British Sailing Team   Read about British Sailing

Comments on the work of Vincent Walsh with Sport, Business and Cultural Events to promote science.