Sports Performance​

Prof. Vincent Walsh tests Dunlop's extreme athletes at the GSK Human Performance Lab.

Applied Cognitive Neuroscience: ACN

Education & the UCL BASc

See these three interviews for Vincent Walsh's views on the UK's best undergraduate degree course​

Vincent Walsh explains what the BASc means

to him

And how the BASc will fulfill its aims 

And what it means for students' futures

Public Events

Vincent Walsh chairs a Royal Institution discussion meeting on Sleep and Circadian Rhythms

Vincent Walsh's TEDxAldeburgh talk on Neuroscience and Creativity 

Vincent Walsh hosts British Library event on The Creative Brain


Human Brain Stimulation

Prof. Vincent Walsh interviews leading researchers in Brain Stimulation

Prof. Carlo Maniussi

​​Prof. Colleen Loo

Prof. Richard Carson

Prof. Linda Carpenter

Prof. Lorella Battelli

Prof. Alex Sack

Dr. Antonio Strafella

Dr. Amanda Ellison